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10 minutes with Mischa Barton 

  • How did you come to appear in Noel Gallagher’s new music video? He thought I’d be a good British representative. I’ve always loved Noel, so I said yes. Oasis played a crucial part in my formative years; it was true love.
  • Are you more into your dogs or men at the moment? I’m never not into my dogs, but I’ve got a boyfriend [actor Sebastian Knapp] and he’s all right, too, so I’m sharing the love.
  • Do you ever borrow his clothes? Yes. Sometimes I’ve been unlucky enough to have a boyfriend who is as skinny as me. Having a boyfriend who can fit into my skinny jeans is quite disturbing.
  • You chose to open your boutique in Spitalfields. Are you East over West? I don’t really associate myself with one or the other. I don’t do the whole neighbourhood snobbery thing.
  • What will you be wearing this autumn? I’ve got a few military coats and some Edwardian jackets and I usually buy a proper winter jacket from Alice Temperley or Matthew Williamson.
  • What’s your most British trait? My sense of humour. It’s the biggest difference between Brits and Americans. My love of English food runs pretty deep, too. I get upset if my house in LA isn’t stocked up with English home comforts.
  • What do you miss about LA? Vegan chocolate pudding from Whole Foods; you can’t get it here.
  • James Middleton came to your opening, are you friends? No, but he showed up and brought customised cupcakes. He is definitely a gentleman.

The Mischa Barton boutique is now open at 53 Brushfield Street, Spitalfields Market, E1 (mischasplace.com)

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