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'Make sure you fit the trends to you': Mischa Barton shares exclusive fashion advice with HELLO! Online 

Karl Lagerfeld deemed her a ‘fashion role model for an entire generation’ when presenting her with an “Icon of the Year” award in 2008. And her hugely successful handbag line and fashion store in London’s Spitalfields are testament to her fashion credentials.

So HELLO! Online was delighted to have the opportunity to chat to style icon Mischa Barton and get some sartorial tips from the lady herself. And sitting down for a cup of tea with the star in one of London’s most lavish hotels, the first thing that struck me was her beautiful doll-like features that had the entire room transfixed.

Not to mention her lovely, totally down-to-earth manner that instantly put me at ease as we got chatting about fashion tips for HELLO! Online readers. “Wear things the way that you feel the most comfortable,” is, according to the 26-year-old, key advice for the fashionistas amongst you.

“Make clothes an extension of your own personality – that’s definitely how I see fashion,” she said, adding: “Fit the trends to you, not the other way round. Find out what’s popular this season and figure out how it can work for you.”

The actress, who shot to fame in her role as Marissa on hit TV show The OC, was talking at the launch of her line of mobile phone accessories with Uunique London, revealing her brand new designs to fit the iPhone 5.

Wearing a gorgeous cream embellished maxidress, Mischa looked gorgeous as she talked us through the collection, which, emblazoned with her logo and featuring lots of pretty patterns, is cute, quirky and has the star written all over it. Speaking about her collaboration, the star said: “I love accessories and the thing about phone covers is that you can totally change them to match your outfit.”

So is design where she can see her career heading? “No, as I’m still heavily involved in acting,” she replied. “I have just wrapped on a film with Jason Statham and I’m going to start shooting another film in January.

“For me, it’s about doing a mixture of the things I love. Design is something I find quite easy and I enjoy as something as an extension of my personality – I’ve always had a visual eye and I’m very picky about the way things look.”

With filming, splitting her time between London and LA and opening her new store, Mischa has had “the busiest year”.

So we’re keen to find out how the super slim star manages to stay in such great shape. “I run a lot,” she admits. “And I often do weight training, but running really is my favourite thing.

“I try to run every day. If I’m working I have to skip, but I love it. I can get a bit obsessed!”

And she has a healthy attitude towards food and dieting, revealing that: “I do like indulging in some things, but I really like healthy food.

“If I am in a place where I can get healthy food, I much prefer it. I tend to go for vegetarian and vegan foods.”

Finally, we want to know whether living in both countries is tiring.

“It is exhausting, yes, and I rely a lot on Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream as my skin gets so dehydrated with all the flying, but I love being able to live in both places.

“My sister is here in London, I have other family here and I love the culture. But on the other hand, I get the weather of LA and that is where the work is.

“I totally get the best of both worlds!”

(Source: helloonline.com)

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So True? So False? Is Mischa Barton Wearing an Engagement Ring?! 

Is Mischa Barton ready to say “I do”?! The former The OC star raised eyebrows recently when she stepped out in Dublin sporting what appeared to be some sort of blingy engagement ring. Get your mazel tovs in order, because this one is… Royal connection? Find out what Mischa’s link is to Kate Middleton! So true. Well, kinda. Barton is indeed wearing an engagement ring, but she and current boyfriend Sebastian Knapp (who have been dating since meeting at Revenge’s Ashley Madekwe's wedding in June) aren't planning on tying the knot just yet.

A rep for Mischa Barton tells E! News, “Mischa was wearing the ring as wardrobe for the opening night of her play.”

The prop comes in to play with Mischa’s role in Steel Magnolias, a run of the famous theater show-turned-movie taking place in Dublin until the end of September. Mischa plays Shelby Eatenton (made famous by Julia Roberts, of course) who starts her story by swapping blush-and-bashful vows.

And Mischa—who is earning fabulous reviews for her stint on stage—must be really enjoying the role, as she stayed in character (or at least costume) as she attended the after party held at Harry’s Bar. So kudos for returning to work, Barton. And we’ll keep our eyes peeled for a real ring.
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Sparkling Mischa steals the show 

WHATEVER happened to Mischa Barton? If you can recall, Hollywood’s golden girl was persecuted by the tabloid press for having — shock horror — cellulite a few years ago, and then we didn’t hear hilt nor hair of her again.

Until now. Barton is in Dublin until September 22, where she is playing the role of Shelby Eatenton in Robert Harling’s heartwarming play, Steel Magnolias at the Gaiety Theatre.

Set in Truvy’s hair and beauty salon in the small town of Chinquapin, Louisiana, it follows the friendship of six local women of varying ages through life’s peaks and troughs. It is a meditation on sisterhood and motherhood. It is laugh-out-loud funny and lump-in-your-throat sad.

Most will know the play from its 1989 cinematic retelling. Julia Roberts played Shelby, while a powerhouse of female talent including the sensational Shirley Maclaine, Dolly Parton, Sally Field and Daryl Hannah starred alongside her.

The title beautifully describes the complexities of women; how they can be as delicate as flowers yet iron strong.

Those who come to see the theatrical version will know the play as a film, rather than the other way around. Expectations will be high, and I don’t think it will disappoint.


Barton sparkles from the moment she steps on stage. We first meet her character on the day of her wedding, and we learn that she is unquestionably kind and relentlessly upbeat — even in the face of illness.

It is so easy to dislike saccharine sweet characters for their lack of edge, but Barton’s Shelby is instantly magnetic.

Another well-known face is Anne Charleston, better known as Madge in Neighbours. She plays the curmudgeonly Ouiser (Maclaine’s role in the film), and she takes to the task with aplomb.

Karen Ardiff (Truvy), Barbara Brennan (M’Lynn), Gillian Hanna (Miss Clairee) and Natalie Radmall-Quirke (Annelle) are equally captivating. Some of the Louisiana drawls occasionally slip when they drag their vowels all the way to Mississippi, but for the most part they give accomplished performances, never missing their beats.

For all the big hair, bright outfits and constant gossip, one forgets how difficult it is to produce an ensemble piece with just one set (the beauty salon). This cast make it look easy.

(Source: herald.ie)

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Mischa & Madge 

Hollywood star Mischa Barton and Anne Charleston, Madge from ‘Neighbours’, talk to BERNICE HARRISON about starring in a new Irish production of ‘Steel Magnolias’

"I’M SO RECOGNISABLE,” says Mischa Barton in a straightforward, this-is-how-it-is, way and she’s right, she is. For four years she starred in The OC, the US-made nougties mega hit TV series that became a global teen phenomenon. There’s also something instantly familiar about people who have appeared in long-running TV series, even if you can’t recall ever seeing a single episode. It’s all the extra stuff – the interviews, the photo-shoots, the product endorsements and the paparazzi shots – the everywhereness of celebrity culture.

The OC ended in 2007 and she’s worked steadily in film since and although she hasn’t done any work that matches that early mega success, Barton has maintained a high profile. Not that the elderly men playing bowls on Tuesday evening in Leinster Cricket Grounds in Rathmines seem bothered and there’s no paparazzi lurking in the bushes waiting to snap the 26-year-old as we sit in the evening sunshine outside their clubhouse. The bowls club is where director Ben Barnes is rehearsing a new Irish production of Steel Magnolias. Mischa Barton is the star, and – the producers, Solar Theatre, hope – the big name that’ll draw the crowds when the production opens in Dublin in September and then tours around the country.

“It’s nice to have a break from it [the paparazzi]. It’s largely the reason to do a play here. There’s less of the fuss and ridiculousness here.” She’s been a regular visitor to Ireland since she was a small child – her mother, Nuala Quinn from Roscommon, brought the family home to the farm on summer holidays and she recently took a road trip around Kerry and Cork. Tuesday was the second day of what will be a three-week rehearsal period and she’s very much in work mode: black skinny jeans, oversized black combat jacket, battered looking pumps, make-up free, tousled hair – the only concession to fashion is her eye-catching gold trimmed black handbag. It’s from her own range, for sale in the Mischa Barton Boutique, the London shop she opened two weeks ago to stock her bags and her new clothing and cosmetic range.

“It’s so amazing to see kids in London walking around carrying my bags,” she says, her voice taking on a genuine excited energy–— different from her steady, low-key regular delivery and it’s one of the few times in the interview she stops looking in the middle distance (or maybe at the bowls players) and looks me in the eye. So that’s retailer added to her model/actor tag, then?

No. I don’t like careers that have six titles,” she laughs, although moving into fashion indicates she’s savvy about leveraging her recognisable name as a brand.

I could have done much more though, but I’ve always been choosy about the brands I’ve promoted, I’ve turned down so many.” A fondness for the play also drew her to this Irish production. Steel Magnolias was a long-running Broadway hit for writer Robert Harling before it became a movie. Barton plays Shelby (Julia Roberts in the 1989 movie) a character based on Harling’s own sister whose death prompted him to write the script. Set in a small town hair salon in the deep South, it’s rare in that the entire cast (of six) is female and it’s chock-full of sassy one liners (“If you can’t find anything good to say about anybody, come sit by me.“) as the women fall in an out with each other, sort out their problems and put the world to rights. It’s a laugh and a solid gold tear-jerker – Shelby (like Harling’s sister) is a diabetic, who, following her fairy-tale wedding, risks pregnancy and her life by having a baby.

Working with an all-female cast is new for Barton and it’s a challenge. “It’s unusual for me. I feed off male energy. A lot of my best friends are men.” And it is, she says, “slightly odd being the only American in the cast” (she was born in London but the family emigrated to New York when she was six and she sounds every inch the east coast American.) The Southern accent with its lazy drawl comes easy. “I think for Irish people too, though it might be more difficult for a British actor. For me it’s really easy because of my training”. It’s been fun too, she says explaining to her follow cast members some of the American references such as Bisquick and Wayne Newton. “But that doesn’t really matter so much because the references are usually understandable in the delivery.

Being in Ireland for 10 weeks means being away from her boyfriend of two months, actor Sebastian Knapp. Like her, he divides his time between London and Los Angeles. He is the first actor she’s dated mostly because “I hate actor talk. It’s so tedious. It’s not rocket science. I’d rather discuss almost anything else.” She does concede, however, that it’s nice to feel understood by someone in the same profession. “He gets the crazy schedules and the travel. It’s good.

Coming to Ireland also gave Barton the chance to act on stage – it’s where she started at eight and left behind as a teenager when The OC became a hit.

Pay rates mean the stage is a “labour of love” and it’s not, she says, so easy for a star of the small screen to be taken seriously as a stage actress. “There tends to be a stigma attached, it’s not so easy to go back.” Thanks to box sets and endless repeats, hit US drama series now have a life long after their first broadcast.

The OC DVD sales are unbelievable to me. It blows my mind. It’s been nine years. I think it’s because there’s not that many good new shows to be honest.” Addiction to weekly TV drama she describes as a “crazy guilty pleasure. That’s what drives people to do silly things like chase you down the street.

Breaking away from a small screen role is something that Barton’s fellow Steel Magnolias cast member Anne Charleston knows all about. For nearly 11 years she was Madge Bishop, Kylie’s mum, in Neighbours, the Australian soap. “Even today, and I’ve left 12 years ago, people associate me with that role, and it is a double-edged sword. It opens some doors and doesn’t open others and it can haunt you, but I’ve been lucky.”

While she has lived here for nearly 20 years. She was born in Australia to Irish parents so buying a house in Galway was a sort of homecoming. She has only been involved with three other Irish productions, instead working mostly in England including a stint on Emmerdale. At nearly 70, she shows no sign of letting up. She’s just finished touring a play in the UK and after Steel Magnolias will have a three-week break in November before heading back to the UK for panto rehearsals.

In Steel Magnolias she plays the curmudgeonly Ouiser – Shirley MacLaine’s role in the movie – who also has some of the best lines. “I’m not crazy. I’ve just been in a bad mood for 40 years” being one of most memorable. “It’s a great role,” says Charleston, who like Barton was phoned up and offered the part without the pesky business of auditioning. “There are so many good roles for women in this play, it’s marvellous.”

A hairdresser has been drafted in to teach some of the cast the basics of hairdressing and the rehearsal room, with its pastel coloured chairs and giant dryers, looks like a retro salon. On Tuesday, she was getting used to her new short hairstyle – courtesy not of her newly trained fellow cast members during that day’s rehearsal but a trip to a real hairdressers.

“Ousier would have short hair. Glamorous. Like Joan Collins, well except Joan’s is a wig.” Her homework includes watching Steel Magnolias to get the accent down pat. “I don’t want to start imitating Shirley MacLaine, it’s about letting that wash over me while keeping my ear attuned.”

Evening plans were much the same for the two actors. Something to eat and learn the lines. “I’ll have my nose in the script again. The sooner you get that script out of your hand, the more you can start working on the character,” says Charleston. Barton was heading up Rathmines Road to her temporary home to do that too, but she was also going to the gym.

“Well, she’s a gym freak,” says Charleston, limbering up nicely for Ouiser’s one-liners.

Steel Magnolias by Robert Harling, starring Mischa Barton, Anne Charleston, Barbara Brennan, Gillian Hanna, Karen Ardiff, Natalie Radmall-Quirke, opens in the Gaiety Theatre, Dublin on September 11th and tours to Cork, Derry, Limerick, Drogheda, Galway, Killarney and Castlebar
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Mischa Barton bound for Australia to attend the Melbourne Cup 

It’s been a while since Mischa Barton graced our television screens as Marissa Cooper on The O.C., since then the actress has launched a successful handbag line and opened a boutique in London. Today it was announced that Mischa will attend the 2012 Emirates Melbourne Cup on Tuesday 6 November.

I am so looking forward to being a guest of Emirates and the Victoria Racing Club at the Emirates Melbourne Cup,” said Ms Barton. “I am excited to visit Flemington racecourse and witness what I understand is an extraordinary fashion spectacle.

“Being of Irish decent, I’m sure I will feel right at home in the Emirates Marquee and I can’t wait to be involved in this world-famous event.”

After mingling with the Australian elite in the Emirates marquee, Barton will then join the VRC Chairman Michael Burn to watch the ‘race that stops a nation’TM in the Chairman’s Suite.

Boutros Boutros, Senior Vice President, Corporate Communication, Emirates Airline, said: “We are delighted to host Mischa Barton on Emirates Melbourne Cup Day, as we celebrate Dublin, which earlier this year joined Emirates’ ever expanding global network.

Joining Barton on her trip to Australia will be her boyfriend, London-based actor Sebastian Knapp. The pair will reportedly spend time at Emirates luxurious Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa, located in the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area.

(Source: sassybella.com)

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Mischa Barton’s Irish eyes to smile at the Melbourne Cup 

Melbourne Cup organisers have lured their first celebrity to the November racing extravaganza, with Mischa Barton set to attend the Dublin-themed Emirates Marquee.

Barton is currently combining highly successful careers in both fashion and entertainment.

Next month, she returns to the stage in an Irish production of Steel Magnolias with Australian actress Anne Charleston.

Born to an Irish mother and with a grandfather who was Gaelic language professor at the University of Belfast, organisers hope Ms Barton will be a glamorous addition to the exclusive Irish-themed Emirates Marquee on Emirates Melbourne Cup Day.

It has been inspired by the famous landmarks of Ireland’s capital and Trinity College.

Ms Barton will then join the Victoria Racing Club (VRC) chairman Michael Burn to watch the race in the Chairman’s Suite.

I am so looking forward to being a guest of Emirates and the Victoria Racing Club at the Emirates Melbourne Cup,” said Ms Barton.

I am excited to visit Flemington racecourse and witness what I understand is an extraordinary fashion spectacle.

Being of Irish descent, I’m sure I will feel right at home in the Emirates Marquee and I can’t wait to be involved in this world-famous event.”

Mr Burn said the VRC was looking forward to welcoming the international beauty to Flemington for Emirates Melbourne Cup Day.

Ms Barton’s presence emphasises the international appeal of the Melbourne Cup Carnival.

“We have no doubt her time at Flemington will be one that she fondly remembers,” he said.
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Mischa Barton happy to escape Lagerfeld’s wrath 

Mischa Barton feels “lucky” not to have been on the “receiving end” of Karl Lagerfeld’s taunts.

The iconic designer caused a stir earlier this year when he branded British singer Adele “a little too fat” and said that the Duchess of Cambridge’s sister Pippa Middleton "should only show her back."

Mischa is glad she gets on well with the controversial clothes creator.

Look, Karl’s always been amazing to me and my career. I have nothing negative to say about him. I think he said once I was the ‘face of a generation’ or something ridiculous," she told the British edition of OK! magazine. "I’ve flown all around the world to go to different Chanel events.

But this is not great. You wouldn’t want that said about you, but I’ve been lucky not to be on the receiving end!"

Mischa is full of praise for Prince William’s wife Catherine. The actress - who recently unveiled her own clothing boutique in London - admires the British royal’s chic sense of style.

I think she’s perfect. I like her style. She always looks put together, cute and pretty. I definitely wouldn’t change her," she said.

I think she’s a much more positive role model than most we see in ads and magazines. During the Olympics it’s given people so many more positive role models and she’s been one of the existing ones we look up to who’s positive and healthy and cool.

(Source: belfasttelegraph.co.uk)

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CYPBERSTALKER: Premiere Moved 

Lifetime Movie Network has moved the premiere of CYPBERSTALKER, starring Mischa Barton, to September 14h at 8p/ET 9p/PT due to the network’s broadcast of “Stand Up to Cancer” on September 7th.


Cyberstalker stars Mischa Barton (“The O.C.”) as Aiden Ashley, a young woman whose world is torn apart after an online stalker locates her address, follows her and murders both her parents. Thirteen years later, living and working under a new identity, Aiden’s stalker is able to locate her once again by means of the most sophisticated computer technology and vows to stop anyone who gets in his way.

Cyberstalker will Premiere on LMN on September 14th at 8p/ET 9p/PT. The film was directed by Curtis Crawford and written by Chris Lancey and Kraig Wenman.

(Source: tv.broadwayworld.com)

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10 minutes with Mischa Barton 

  • How did you come to appear in Noel Gallagher’s new music video? He thought I’d be a good British representative. I’ve always loved Noel, so I said yes. Oasis played a crucial part in my formative years; it was true love.
  • Are you more into your dogs or men at the moment? I’m never not into my dogs, but I’ve got a boyfriend [actor Sebastian Knapp] and he’s all right, too, so I’m sharing the love.
  • Do you ever borrow his clothes? Yes. Sometimes I’ve been unlucky enough to have a boyfriend who is as skinny as me. Having a boyfriend who can fit into my skinny jeans is quite disturbing.
  • You chose to open your boutique in Spitalfields. Are you East over West? I don’t really associate myself with one or the other. I don’t do the whole neighbourhood snobbery thing.
  • What will you be wearing this autumn? I’ve got a few military coats and some Edwardian jackets and I usually buy a proper winter jacket from Alice Temperley or Matthew Williamson.
  • What’s your most British trait? My sense of humour. It’s the biggest difference between Brits and Americans. My love of English food runs pretty deep, too. I get upset if my house in LA isn’t stocked up with English home comforts.
  • What do you miss about LA? Vegan chocolate pudding from Whole Foods; you can’t get it here.
  • James Middleton came to your opening, are you friends? No, but he showed up and brought customised cupcakes. He is definitely a gentleman.

The Mischa Barton boutique is now open at 53 Brushfield Street, Spitalfields Market, E1 (mischasplace.com)

(Source: standard.co.uk)

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Phoenix meets Mischa Barton to talk shop

PHOENIX caught up with Mischa Barton to discuss her new life as a fashion designer and becoming a retail entrepreneur.
After nine successful seasons curating her own bag range, Mischa Barton has now launched her own clothing and cosmetics line revealed in her debut London store. With the doors wide open during the maiden voyage of the Spitalfield’s boutique a crowd were beginning to gather in excitement of the presence of Mischa and the possibility of grabbing a picture with her.
The collection reminiscent of 60’s King’s Road, London boutique designs, the British born actress is putting a twist on the style she claims her mother influenced her with from an early age. Joined by her Pomeranian dog Ziggy, Mischa also exhibited her new collection with prices ranging from £25 to £250. The price tags are not as high as one may think as Mischa wanted the collection to be accessible for all her fans, however that touch of exclusivity only a boutique can offer is still available.
After a glass of champagne and a cup cake (provided by none other than Kate Middleton’s brother, James) we caught up with Mischa to discuss life as a designer, inspirations, influences, Noel Gallagher, fashion and everything life is gifting her at the moment

Mischa Barton Boutique, 53 Brushfield Street, Spitalfields Market, London, E1.

(Source: phoenixmag.co.uk)

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On heading down to Mischa Barton’s new boutique in Spitalfields market, East London we weren’t sure what to expect. Known for her individual sense of style and rebelling against convention, we were intrigued to discover what this Hollywood actress thought about fashion and her own personal style.

Tell us a little bit about the Mischa Barton Boutique? As well as the clothes and accessories we’ve created a range of covers and cases for the iPhone 5 and Samsung. Initially I was asked to do a campaign, but it made more sense for me to design them. They’re great and they match all our bags too. I really want to create some designs for the iPad, so we’re going to be doing that too.

Where did you find inspiration for the collection? I love that the whole collection has a vintage feel. It’s got a definite London vibe to it. Some of the pieces were based on a more Biba-esque style that my mother used to wear. The collection reflects my own style and comes from things that I’ve loved. It’s got a wearable feel to it. This is the beginning of the line there might be a certain vibe right now that will evolve over time – we’re finding out style. I’m already in love with the rose fabric skirt, it’s got a vintage feel to it, whereas some of the other pieces have a more fantastical vibe, but it depends on how you style it.

Is the collection based on things that you would buy and wear? The military jackets, the structured jackets, the high-waisted skirts, the long fur vests are all things that I love to wear. The brand image, the girl character that I managed to draw is the face of the brand. She’s really cute and approachable and has a realistic body shape. She looks like a real girl, she’s not a Barbie doll. She’s got a wide face and big eyes and I really like that. A lot of brands I’ve liked over the years have had that more interesting idea behind them.

How would you describe your style? Over the years my style has been quite eclectic. I mean, I’ve grown up mostly in the public eye and I’ve been through quite a few phases. But now I feel like I know what works for me in terms of my colour palette and what I like to wear. I’m always going for the blacks, golds, yellows, whites and mustards. I basically buy those key colours now and then I know from there what cuts I want. I just keep it simple.

Do you prefer to work with a stylist or dress yourself? I’ve worked with stylists before. Rachel Bakewell I’ve worked with, she’s amazing. It depends, but I do dress myself. I’ve never had a stylist for every day, just like I don’t have hair and make-up for every day or anything like that.

Do you enjoy styling your own looks and dressing up? I do enjoy dressing up. It’s all me and I choose all my clothes and accessories, for the most part, and even when I work with a stylist it’s all me.

Who are your fashion icons? Well they’ve mostly come from the punk rock scene in New York. The likes of Kim Gordon, Anita Pallenberg and Hepburn to the 1950s. I like a classic look; the pin up girls, the pretty smoky eye. But my inspiration varies from time to time.

Who are your favourite designers? I love Helmut Lang, I always have. Always Chanel, I’ve always loved Chanel. Prada, Miu Miu. I like everything from J Brand for jeans to Alexander Wang. I do wear smaller brands like Band of Outsiders and Clothespin. In fact I mostly buy smaller brands. Anna Sui was also one of my favourites over the years I would always go to her in New York.

If you could give PUSH IT readers one piece of style advice, what would it be? Make your style your own. Be individual with it. I think people always look best in the clothes they feel comfortable in, and you know, you can take any dress and wear it 25 different ways. It’s just about how you feel that day and how you want to wear it. Have fun with it! Finish a look off, polish it off, finish getting dressed; with tights, boots, accessories it’s good to finish off a look. Sometimes you wont have time but if you get good at it, it becomes natural. Accessories really change and outfit, you can suddenly look more put together and more glamorous. I should learn from myself half of the time, because I’m always running out the door half dressed. I prefer when I’ve got my coast and my sunglasses and everything I want with me.

What can’t you leave the house without? Would it be a disaster if you left your sunnies at home? Nothing is ever a disaster, but I like to have my sunglasses and my iPhone, always my iPhone, my few bits of make-up, my lip balm.

If your house was on fire and you could only rescue one thing what would it be? If the dogs were outside wagging their tails then I would rescue some of the Chanel.

What’s your favourite season? Fall is my favourite season because I prefer being able to layer and dress up. Summer is fun, it’s cool, it’s easier but Fall is more entertaining fashion wise. I love tweed suits. The tweed Chanel suits kill me. The new suits that came in recently are just gorgeous. Miu Miu and Prada are also so good this season.

What’s your favourite decade? I’ve always said the sixties and the seventies but it changes. If I were to just pick one right now it’s definitely the fifties.

What made you set up shop in Spitalfields, East London of all places? I could’ve been on Oxford Street but you know what, it’s actually quite hard to get into Spitalfields. It’s got a great vibe to it. The Thursday morning markets are great. I think it’s got an almost East meets West vibe about it, which is strange for somewhere right in the middle of East London. It’s got so much character and it’s been here forever and there’s so much history. I like walking through here, I even go out of my way to walk through Spitalfields. It’s just a part of London I’ve always been fascinated by and when we got the store here I was really happy. The shops are so cute and well-sized. I don’t need something massive and I don’t want be on the highstreet. Honestly, I didn’t want to be on Oxford Street. It was really a question of whether I wanted to be in the middle of the West End or over East.

Mischa Barton Boutique, 53 Brushfield Street, London, E1 6AA

- Ellen Stewart

- Mischa Barton being licked by PUSH IT’s Ferrell
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Any Marissa/Mischa fans vote for her here

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Some very exciting and massive news today, Mischa has launched her very own online store called Mischa’s Place. The amazing online store has a huge collection of Mischa Barton products including a clothing line, bath & body products, cosmetics, candles, accessories (like scarves and leggings) and of course the handbags.


Also, make sure to follow Mischa’s Place on Twitter and check out the Facebook page. Hopefully this extended step into branding will be as successful for Mischa as her handbag collection has been.

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It’s still a little while to go until the street date for You and I on DVD (which is slated for January 31st, 2012), but for those of us who can’t wait to see Mischa, You and I is currently available as a digital rental on both the Amazon Instant Video and iTunes streaming services. The price for the movie begins at $3.99 for SD and moves up to $4.99 for HD.

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More Magazine: We’ve gone bag mad! 

We caught up with Mischa Barton to discuss her new collection.

The actress-turned-designer is back with her latest collection of handbags and we love them! Practical, affordable and on-trend, it’s everything we want. In a hidden corner of London, we stole a few minutes with Mischa to chat bags, style and body-image.



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